Antennas currently in use at W3NP

130' center fed zepp @ 50' 

1/2 wave dipole for 160 meters @ 45'

KLM KT-34A Tri-bander @ 50'

Cushcraft A3WS Warc band yagi @ 42'

The GPS Antennas are used with the HP GPS receivers for the test bench 10 MHz frequency standard

Due to the fact that my ground here is mostly shale, the trees just don't grow very tall. The pine that supports my main all band dipole was one of my tallest and when a windstorm starting it leaning toward the house, desperate measures were employed to "buy some time" by taking off all of the branches to reduce the wind load and then by guying it. I will soon have to cut the tree down as it has lost most of it's bark in just one year.

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50' self supporting with KT34 and 160 dipole 12 &  17 meter duo-bander @ 42'. GPS antenna on top Open wire fed dipole at 50' with GPS antenna #2 on mast at left View of house from 50' SS tower Monster Hornets nest under rotor plate After the "assult". The empty red Bee-Bopper cans can barely be seen on ground
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 Me cutting branches from leaning antenna support tree using chain saw in homebrew "bucket" on friends crane Branches all gone as of Nov 2003 - tree on borrowed time now. This tree is 60' high & one of my tallest The branchless tree one year later - losing bark. The 50' tower and tri-bander as seen from the crane bucket at 60 feet The 50' tower and tri-bander as viewed from 175 feet - the booms max extension. The de-branched tree is to the left My house as viewed from the crane at max extension. Tim wouldn't let me keep the crane for a permanent antenna support!!
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Antenna and control line entry point into upstairs shack. All grounds are tied together at the copper pipe Entry point as viewed from inside the upstairs shack Unusual BLACK Viking KW Match Box just above open wire entry point