Tropical Fish Keeping

I have 2 tropical fish tanks. The largest is a 46 gallon bow front and the other one is a 10 gallon. So far both tanks contain smaller "community" type fish. "Fish Keeping" can be very time consuming as far as cleaning, changing water and keep track of the water conditions, but it is also very relaxing to just take some time out and watch the fish.

The 46 gallon bow front tank. This tank uses both under gravel and power filtration. The smaller 3 orange colored fish are offspring of the larger orange fish which is a Platy

The 10 gallon tank also has double filtration - The orange fish is a Cream Molly


A pair of Brilliant Rasboras and a pair of Headlight-Taillight Tetras


                      A Golden Algae Eater hides in the cave


Metal Detecting

I have been metal detecting since 1990. The area I live in is rich in history - going back to the very early days  of this country. Fort Ashby takes it's name from the fort that George Washington had built here (one of many along the then Virginia frontier). I have had permission to hunt on private  property bordering the fort and  found quite a few interesting items from that period. My favorite relics are from the Civil War period and I have had the chance to hunt on private ground near some major battlefields.

I started selling metal detectors in 1991 as "Dave's Detectors"

Metal detecting is exciting, relaxing, and gets me "out of the shack" for some fresh air and exercise. 

Here are some things I have unearthed over the years.

Some Revolutionary War era finds Some Civil War era finds - bullets, caps, buttons, knapsack hook, pewter canteen spout, etc.
Cannonball fragment from Antietam Battlefield Spanish coin dated 1748 - Over 250 years old!
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