Unfortunately I am unable to find any older photos. I did have one from 1960 when I was 13 years old - sitting in front of my DX40/VF1 & NC-100X station, but it went missing when my mother moved.

The older photos are scans of some low quality shots...some are even Polaroid, so that explains the poor quality

may1977braddock.jpg (76672 bytes) deskkw1981.jpg (56963 bytes) jamesst1983.jpg (61647 bytes) james1983b.jpg (44885 bytes) sx62stn.jpg (48430 bytes) kw1.jpg (36414 bytes)
May 1977 & 20 meter DX on SSB & CW was my game. 4 el yagi @ 80' Early 1981 - Johnson KW/Ranger, Viking II, NC300 1983 - Collins KW, 32V1, R388, pair of 75A4's, Viking II 1983 Station - Different view SX-62 paired up with the 32V1 KW-1 Serial # 150.  I purchased this TX in 1981 and sold it in '87
jamesbench.jpg (65426 bytes) benchdx100.jpg (56434 bytes) james89a.jpg (41936 bytes) james89b.jpg (34608 bytes) mainstation-camera.jpg (113218 bytes) mainstnoldt3-sm.jpg (37498 bytes)
Small Bench 1981 - Larger bench with DX-100 underneath 1989 - last station before moving to WV First station that had  "rear" access to gear 1989 - Small AM section of station This shack was built into a wall Present location - 1999. The current location is similar Present location - 1999


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