While this equipment doesn't get a lot of use, I do have a soft spot for R.L. Drake gear

This station is located in a corner of the basement shack. It consists of a Drake B line with the FS-4 synthesizer, Drake TR-7 station, and a Ten Tec Corsair II which is a FB cw rig. The shared linear amplifier is a Drake L7. The 7 line includes the somewhat rare RV-75 remote synthesized VFO.

This station was featured in the book "A Family Affair" - The R.L. Drake Story by John Loughmiller KB9AT



This is the upstairs station and it consists of my original "bought new in 1977" Drake C Line driving a Drake L4B. The R-4C is highly modified with the "Sartori" mods of the late 70's. This layout also features my only "ricebox" radio - an Icom IC761. The Drake MN-2700 antenna tuner is used with the open wire fed dipole when using this station. The Viking KW Antenna Match Box just visible in the upper, left handles that same antenna for the AM station in the basement.

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