THE B&W T-368

This T-368E: serial #575 has been at W3NP since October of 1998. It was one of the group of Govt refurbed T-3's that Fair Radio was selling in the early 90's.This particular transmitter somehow made it to my shack with all of the decks matching and from the same Order No.- (15117-PP-62). It was built by Barker & Williamson and was reconditioned in Germany in 08/74, and appears to have been in storage until it was purchased by it's previous owner from Fair Radio. It is in excellent condition with only minor paint chips and scrapes. It had been repainted and the lettering re-stenciled when it was reconditioned. When I bought the transmitter, it had some of the usual minor audio mods and was being used with an amplified D-104 microphone. After carrying the cabinet and the individual decks down into the basement shack, the rig went through the customary check-out and cleaning before reassembly - this radio required very little attention. I did fit a set of casters to the cabinet before putting it all back together. The transmitter came up with very few issues and would make an easy 500 watt carrier. Since 1998 I have been slowly making changes, doing modifications, etc. Click on the "My Modifications" link below for a list of what all that has been done to ole "575". I think the N9FOY speech amp may be next - a special thanks to Jerry W5KP for pulling that info together and adding some info - see link below.

Click the WA1HLR Mods button at the bottom of the page to see the details of this group of popular and effective modifications - courtesy of WB3HUZ's "AM WINDOW" ,which is a source of lots of good AM mods and tech info

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t3triphome.jpg (38145 bytes) t368assembly.jpg (36132 bytes) t3assembled.jpg (37708 bytes) testingrear.jpg (50422 bytes) 265uhchoke638.jpg (24457 bytes) chokeinstall642.jpg (27450 bytes)
The T368 on it's way to the W3NP shack The cabinet complete & ready for decks Assembled and undergoing testing T3 during intial testing and early modifications

The new choke ready to install in   the RF deck

 Click TEXT for details - should read 24 ga wire and NOT 26 ga

The new choke installed
newchokeon160-643.jpg (20364 bytes) assyconn650.jpg (46378 bytes) platermeter664.JPG (38961 bytes)
The choke installed and working The accessory connector and audio line xfmr The plate current meter modified to a cathode meter




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