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Here are some photos of my new and improved bench area that I just rebuilt in the spring of 2004

The 2 HP Z3801A GPS receivers feed their highly accurate 10 mhz reference signal to a distribution amplifier which then distributes it to the external reference input on all of the counters and RF generators. The 1 PPS signal is sent to a Datum 9300 (top of rack) which acts as a highly accurate time source (clock). The Z3801a's were retired from cellular telephone service and they track 6 satellites simultaneously using an active external ANTENNA shown here on top of the 17/12 meter yagi. I can watch the "birds" that they are tracking slowly come into view and then disappear again using GPSCon software. This software also monitors the ref osc oven temp and other receiver parameters.

PMEL = Precision Measurements Electronics Lab......a term we used in the military

Click the text below the Z3801a photo below for more info (K8CU site) on the GPS units

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Full view Left side Right side PMEL rack as part of bench setup Z3801a GPS receivers & 48 vdc UPS PMEL rack just after completion